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Whether it be a race, a presentation, or a big work project, we’ve always been taught to approach every finish line giving it 100%. It’s a lesson that sticks with me. I realize I’m in the final stretch of something when I hear that little inner voice shouting, “Kick it! Kick it! Kick it!!!”

It’s such a great feeling crossing the finish line knowing you gave those final seconds, final hours, or final days EVERYTHING.

In December, it’s easy to get caught up in party-mode. But while others are more distracted, you can actually claim more time for YOU. More quiet moments to “Kick it!”

At the time of this publication, you have roughly 10 working days left to do some very important things. Why not use each of these 10 days to focus on new-client development, building exposure and reputation, professional development, stakeholder relations, and business planning. Here’s your checklist. Now, go “Kick It!”

  • Identify and research a big new prospect and create a relationship-building strategy to begin implementing immediately.
  • Find one important 2016 professional meeting/conference you’ve never attended before and create a plan to make it happen.
  • Revisit your LinkedIn profile and learn all the new things you can add to it to make you even more marketable.
  • Watch at least 3 of the over 2,100 posted, under-20-minute TED Talks. Search through “Topics” and discover an amazing array of subjects to inspire you and give you new perspective.
  • Ask a great new client for a referral. There’s never a better time than when they’re initially being blown away by your guidance, support, and value.
  • Create a new presentation on Slideshare. A well-organized and thoughtful presentation is one of the greatest ways to help the marketplace better understand the value of your product or service. Then, share that Slideshare presentation everywhere – including through your LinkedIn profile.
  • Record 5 quick but good videos about your business (using your smart phone is fine – just make sure the audio is good) and put them in your company’s YouTube Channel. Don’t have a Channel for your business? Get one! Who owns YouTube? That’s right – Google.
  • Find one new podcast series to subscribe to. Determine the time/place this will become your ritual for listening: during your commute, your workout, or while you prepare dinner.
  • Send out 25 handwritten thank you notes on December 28th to those mentors, advisors, supporters, clients, peers, vendors, and staff who helped make your 2015 a great success.
  • Spend December 29th creating your Annual Report. Before moving forward, you need to identify, summarize, and celebrate all the accomplishments of this year. You will be amazed at what you did. Share this document with others so they can enjoy that accomplishment with you.
  • Spend December 30th creating a simple 2016 strategic plan for your business. You’ll find all kinds of support online to help you and stay tuned here for a future post on this very topic.

Ten days, ten to-dos. You can do this! What other end-of-year activities do you do? Please share with us in Comments.

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