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Business owners face more challenges today than ever.

Uncertainty looms everywhere.  Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • Overwhelm
  • Lack of clarity and focus
  • Outdated or non-existent strategic plan
  • Unclear of ideal position in the marketplace
  • Totally “busy” working IN the business and putting out fires
  • Struggling with prioritization, delegation, self-discipline
  • Unsure if you’re really making money
  • Not enough money
  • Not enough people
  • Not enough control
  • Inadequate infrastructure (still making do with startup ones)
  • Reacting instead of proacting

Left unchecked, these challenges can lead to any of the following:

  • Burnout
  • Caught in the hamster wheel with no way out
  • Tolerating poor clientele
  • Tolerating poor performers leading to loss of high performers (turnover)
  • Inefficiencies and out-of-control costs
  • Large revenue fluctuations based on inadequate revenue mix – financial uncertainty
  • Loss of control – and loss of the joy of having the business.

Don’t sell yourself short. You owe it to yourself to invest in you. For your own sake – and all those whose lives are affected by you and the business.

I help small business owners (and NGO leaders) make more money, grow their business, accomplish their goals by helping them understand the bigger landscape – and where they can best fit into it.   Helping them choose:

  1. The right growth strategy (based on their strengths, competitive advantage, personal/business aspirations, market gaps, and profitability)
  2. The right market and marketing strategy (what they can do comfortably, consistently, and compellingly)
  3. The right message (how they can best tell their story to attract, gain, and retain ideal clients)
  4. The right leadership strategies (relationship-building, culture, communication, decision-making, goal-setting, team-building, productivity, performance management)

I give my clients:

  • A bigger picture (vision) and help them determine how it fits into their lives
  • A look at their true potential (assessment/competitive environment)
  • A sounding board: An unbiased, honest look at who they are and what they offer
  • A strategy and path that FITS them (their resources, assets, desires, abilities)
  • Expertise in buyer behavior > customized doable/comfortable marketing strategy > better, more profitable and enjoyable clients
  • Leadership development – internal/external (culture, communication, decision-making, goal-setting, productivity)
  • Management tools (systems, processes, monitoring, technology, efficiency, performance metrics)

Does this sound like it could be of value to you? Let’s talk and explore that.

My Background

  • Over 35 years helping business owners and NGO leaders grow their organizations as a senior leader in numerous entrepreneurial & NGO organizations and through my own company
  • Growth Strategies / Innovation Faculty and Digital Media Faculty for one of the most prestigious and successful small business accelerator programs in the world, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program
  • Professional business speaking/training for over 36 years (For over 16 years, Professional Member and a Chapter President of the National Speakers Association and Professional Member of the Global Speakers Federation)
  • Senior executive leadership in growing/managing trade and membership associations, chambers of commerce, higher education, non-profits, healthcare
  • Over 20 terms on a dozen different trade association, non-profit, and company boards
  • Three degrees in business/marketing/communication (strong background in leadership, strategic planning, behavioral science/consumer psychology)
  • Extensive continuing education and experience in social media and technology
  • Have taught business strategy, marketing, leadership, and communication in 7 colleges and universities
  • Award-winning facilitator of 4 major post-Hurricane Katrina recovery projects, 2 NOLA-based Google leadership immersions, a US/Mexico trade summit, and a major self-produced women’s leadership event – along with countless others in conjunction with regional leadership organizations.
  • SBA’s “Women in Business Champion of the Year” for the State of Louisiana

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