Tap into Unlimited Possibilities through Corporate Sponsorships

Do you have amazing ideas for your business but lack the resources to bring them to life?
Imagine a world where your dreams are backed by influential and resourceful corporate partners who believe in your vision and can open unimaginable doors for you.

Are you a small business owner, professional speaker, subject matter expert, or trainer?

Do you have exciting projects – or project ideas – such as podcasts, YouTube series, books, courses, or speaking events?

Are you ready to elevate your ventures to a higher level with substantial financial and in-kind support?

Let’s Turn Your Vision into a Totally-Doable Sponsorship Plan

While sponsorship opportunities are plentiful, finding and securing the RIGHT ones, for your special project, is not always that easy when trying to tackle it alone.

We all know the old saying, “two heads are better than one”.

This is especially true when you’re trying to create something brand-new – from scratch. 

You don’t attempt to cut your own hair.  Too many blind spots. An outsider’s perspective (and skill) is essential for many things – and can certainly enhance your ability to package and promote yourself as a highly desirable sponsorship recipient. 

Working together, we can build the foundations of your own customized Sponsorship Plan.

Gain rare insight, much-needed clarity, and the confidence to go after your perfect-fit targets with the right message and right offering.

Why work with me?

✅ Expert and Caring Guidance: Having been on both sides of the desk, I understand the nuances of the game. You’ll receive immediately-usable tips and best practices that only come from years of experience and successful partnerships. I will not only share new perspectives, objectivity, and resourcefulness with you but I will do it in “Myra style” – practical, doable, and with utmost compassion and caring.

✅ Tailored Solutions: Your journey is unique, and so are your projects. We’ll explore strategies that align with your goals, values, and audience – ensuring a perfect fit with potential sponsors.

✅ Clarity and Confidence: With your customized sponsorship plan, you’ll know exactly how to approach sponsors, what to offer, and how to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

How it works:

  • You’ll schedule your session with me at a convenient time for you using the link below.
  • To make sure every minute counts in your Sponsorship Plan Laser Session, please thoughtfully and thoroughly respond to the powerful questions provided during the Calendly scheduling process. They’ll help both of us better understand your current situation and your goals.
  • I’ll use your answers to prepare for our time together. (You can also email me some supplemental information if applicable.)
  • We’ll meet, via Zoom, at your scheduled time. I’ll record our session for you so that you can stay completely focused and present in the meeting. We’ll be covering a lot!
  • After our meeting, you’ll not only receive the video recording of our meeting but I’ll also send you a searchable transcript of it. So you can continually access the many tips, strategies, and resources we cover.

Your investment: $450. Prices are subject to change and spaces for these 90-minute virtual strategy sessions are limited. Lock in your session now.

Book My Sponsorship Plan Laser Session Now

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create game-changing opportunities. Let’s jumpstart your planning and get major momentum going for you. Book your session today and take the first step towards realizing your dreams with the backing of influential sponsors.

Are you ready to see your visions come to life? Let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Book your virtual strategy session now and experience the transformative power of corporate sponsorships.

Questions? Contact me at Myra@GrowWithMyra.  I’m happy to schedule a chat with you.


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