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Individual coaching/consulting/advising

Your needs are unique.  So is the level of support you need to accomplish your goals.  And the type of expertise you’re seeking also varies.  That’s why I’m committed to helping you find your best “fit” – the right resources, expertise, and working relationship to help you be successful. Whether that is me – or someone else.

Not sure how to start? 

Simply schedule a 20-minute complimentary Discovery Chat with me.

We’ll meet, by phone, to discuss your situation and your aspirations.  Once I understand what you want to do, I’ll help you explore the best options for you – whether that be us potentially working together or connecting you with a great colleague within my large network.  The meeting is free. 

You are always welcome to contact me when you aren’t sure where to start. I love to help. 

If it looks like we’re a good fit, together we’ll:

  1. Clearly identify what you want to accomplish,
  2. Assess exactly where you are and what you have to work with  
  3. Map out a workable plan to get you there and
  4. Determine how I can best support you (e.g. short-term coaching, in-depth consulting, on-ongoing advising) to keep you focused, on track, and supported with resources you need to help you achieve your goals.

You choose the level of support based on your resources, your budget, and your preferences.  My goal is to provide you options.

YOU choose the option that’s right for you.

Need help right now

Sometimes, you need to make a quick, but important, decision. Or you’re stuck and need a list of targeted strategies to get you back on track. Or you need new perspective from a knowledgeable, objective, resourceful, compassionate source. A jam-packed 90-Minute Strategy Session with me may be just what you’re looking for.  How it works:

  • You’ll schedule your session with me at a convenient time for you by clicking here.
  • To make sure we make every minute count in your intensive session, I’ll send you a list of powerful questions I want you to complete prior to our meeting. They will help both of us understand your current situation and your aspirations. (Many past participants have said completing the questions, alone, was “worth gold” for them to work through – even before our meeting!)
  • Once you submit your completed self-check prior to our meeting, I’ll review your answers and prepare for our time together.
  • We’ll meet, via Zoom, at your scheduled time. I’ll record our session, for you, so that you can stay completely focused on the meeting. 
  • After our meeting, you’ll not only receive the video recording of our meeting but I’ll also send you a searchable transcript of it. So you can continually access the many tips, strategies, and resources we cover.

Your investment: $450. Email me with any questions.

Myra’s Most Popular Service Offerings

I help business owners identify and connect to the talent, resources, and opportunities that can help them grow their businesses – while understanding the constraints you face that make it all so challenging:

  • limited time
  • limited money, and
  • limited human resources.

Because I work with hundreds of business owners, I strive to give you the proven shortcuts – to “cut to the chase” – and keep you from going down “rabbit holes” as you try to find the exact information, strategies, and opportunities you need. 

The world is full of data and information – but how do you choose what is right for you? That is the value I provide you.  Reducing the overwhelm. Helping you make good choices.

My goal is to keep you focused on building and growing your business – doing what you should be doing as a business owner.

Sometimes, the hardest part of seeking help is determining exactly what help you need.  Check out some of the common questions business owners bring to me every day.

Could you benefit from help in any of these areas? (Click on orange “+” signs to reveal)

Business Planning, Strategy, and Growth

How do I set and achieve my business goals for 2021?
What is the best way for me to grow my business right now?
How can I make more money right now?
How can I do an efficient but effective assessment of my business right now?
How can I increase my profitability?
How do I stay focused, motivated, & on track when I’m solo?
How do I best find & use outside / contract help?
How do I actually hit my financial goal for next year?
What small business resources do I need to be tapping?
How can I best keep learning/growing when my days are packed?

Marketing Management, Target Marketing, & Relationship-Building

How do I effectively manage my marketing?
How do I market effectively on a small budget?
How do I attract better clients?
How do I best use LinkedIn as a business owner?
How do I get better “connected” to the right people?
How can I network better – even if I hate it?
How do I find / build a support system that will boost my success?

Branding, Messaging, Thought Leadership & Personal Selling

How do I get prospects to understand why they need my product?
How do I improve my branding/image on a budget?
How do I overcome pricing objections?
How can I set myself apart from the competition?
How can I get more repeat business?
How do I better sell myself/my business (elevator speech)?
How do I effectively pitch my product/opportunity/idea?
How do I become a better speaker or presenter?
How do I present myself better on videoconferences?
How can I use Zoom more effectively for meetings or presentations?
How can I make money by sharing my expertise with others?
How do I make money from speaking?

Social Media & Website

What do I really need to do with social media?
What kind of social media content should I do?
How do I get prospects to my website?
How do I get website visitors to act/buy?
How do I get the most out of a web designer?
How can I easily do videos that will have impact?
What are my prospective buyers actually searching for online?

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