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Let’s Create Your Best Meeting Yet!

Would you like to partner with a seasoned, professional speaker whose ultimate goal is to make YOUR next event the most successful one possible? Then, let’s chat. 

Whether your conference or organization needs a power-packed keynote presentation, a skill-building breakout, or a half-day/full-day roll-up-your-sleeves strategic work session for your top team, I can meet your needs.

Virtual SpeakingNeed your programming in a virtual or hybrid format? I’ve been delivering programming in virtual formats for over a decade. My virtual recording studio includes state-of-the-art cameras, audio, and lighting as well as high-speed (wired) internet.  I have experience with various videoconference mediums – including 2 years as a Zoom Enterprise license-holder. I not only can deliver a highly effective virtual presentation, but I can also be a valuable resource in helping produce and host your virtual event.   

Real learning and behavior change comes from engagement, interaction, experimentation, sharing – doing! Let me share with you my decades of program development, training, facilitation and professional speaking. Let’s bring your vision to life.

My approach is first, and foremost, to listen to you and your program team. 

  • What are your goals for the event?
  • What are your challenges?
  • Who are all your stakeholders – and what does each expect and want?
  • How can we enrich this experience, for your participants, before, during, and AFTER the event to make sure they not only learn new tips and strategies but also effectively put them to productive use?

I understand budgets and other challenges and constraints.  And I’m committed to helping you find a way to deliver the professional programming your organization expects and deserves. 

Let’s talk and find the way to make your vision a reality.  

Not sure exactly what you need or want? I’ll listen, learn, research and suggest possibilities to make sure you have a program that will produce real results.


Speaking Topics

Increasing sales? Strategic planning / business growth strategies? Doable marketing? Building high-value relationships? Better presentations or communication? Mastering virtual business? Achieving better work-life balance?

Whatever your goal for your team or audience, you’ll find great options below. And don’t forget, I’m happy to customize to meet the specific needs of your industry or group.

(Pro tip: Check out the drop-downs in the “Myra’s Services” section at the bottom of my Services page for even more ideas.)

  • What does growth look like to you?
  • How will you know when you’ve reached your growth goals?
  • What is the best path to make it happen?
  • How do you keep from losing it all in the process?

Business growth is highly personal and unique to every business.  But there are many critical factors that must be considered – and potential minefields to avoid.  Business growth can be rewarding but, if not done correctly, it can lead to the demise of your company.

Explore the numerous ways to grow your business and determine which one may be best for you. Identify the essential elements you must have in place to grow successfully – and learn how to avoid the deadly pitfalls that have led others to fail. Learn how to identify and vet business opportunities. You’ll leave with proven tools and experiences to help you make good strategic choices – and bring them to fruition.

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The goal of this program is to get each participant to think more concretely about their vision for their company.  What is the end game for them?  Whether your attendees are micro-businesses or multi-million-earning second-stage companies, they must evolve and bolster the foundations of their companies in order to grow.  Attendees participate in a series of creative exercises to push their thinking about what their companies can be.  Then, various growth strategies are profiled with discussion on success factors needed for each. 

The program can be delivered as a highly thought-provoking keynote but can be expanded into an intensive 12-hour workshop series – where every aspect of the business is examined in detail.  Obviously, elements can be packaged for any level of programming in between those options.  And can be highly customized for a particular industry or business-owner audience.  Many early-stage entrepreneurs have noted that this program completely changed the vision of what they were capable of achieving. Many ongoing and supporting learning activities are also available.  Reach out and let’s design something perfect for your needs.

  • What do I really need to do with social media?
  • How effective is my website? How do I get the most from a web designer?
  • How do I get prospects to understand why they need my product?
  • Why do I need a brand? How do I create one without breaking the bank?
  • How do I overcome pricing objections?
  • How do I attract more lucrative clients?
  • How can I do effective marketing on a limited budget?
  • Who has the time or inclination to do all this marketing??

Busy entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with challenging marketing options and decisions.  It can be complicated, tedious, and expensive – especially if you make the wrong choices. This program helps you determine the “big picture” and then gives you sound strategies that fit your budget, time, and capacity. I’ll help you take some of the mystery out of marketing so you can target your precious resources where you can best produce real results.

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This program is a MUST for any busy small business owner or organizational leader who seeks to increase revenues and grow their business or organization.  Unless they come from a marketing background, most organizational leaders see all the elements of the marketing mix as a random pool of pieces. They feel compelled that they should be doing a little of everything – and end up not doing enough of anything to really be effective.  My program, in any form, takes a top-down approach to marketing and helps participants have a step-by-step template for making the right decisions first. 

This program is ideal for extending the learning and offering a pre-conference virtual program and also incorporating a post-conference virtual implementation workshop or coaching support.   We can work together to determine what kinds of support might be ideal for your attendees – using communication tools you already have in place.

Have you ever:

  • been presented with a tremendous opportunity but just didn’t know what to do with it?
  • been the ultimate salesperson for others but failed to toot your own horn when critical?
  • left significant sums of money “on the table”?

The reality is the most talented professionals and entrepreneurs aren’t typically the ones who cross the finish line first. Those who finish first are the ones who have learned how to:

  • Choose the right projects, activities, and contracts to pursue
  • Identify and cultivate the right relationships
  • Quickly capitalize on opportunities
  • Get credit for everything they do
  • Work smarter, not harder.

This program is designed to help you build the awareness and skills needed to gain all the rewards and recognition you deserve. It’s a frank discussion about the many ways we, as busy executives and entrepreneurs, can sometimes be OUR OWN WORST ENEMY.  My goal is to make you think, reflect, and hopefully commit yourself to doing a few things differently.   That’s all it takes.  Just making the commitment to change or undertake a few critical actions. I’ll give you some simple tools and techniques to apply immediately. Then turn them into BIG results. 

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This is my most sought-after program. The emphasis is on teaching your attendees how to enhance their exposure with key people and then to demonstrate their value – building credibility, liking, and trust along the way. The program emphasizes the need for a strategic focus on all actions – in order to be ready to seize and capitalize on opportunities as they occur. 

This program has been overwhelmingly embraced by women, in particular, at all stages in their career as – newbies needing to stand out from the crowded pack, mid-level professionals vying for their first executive position, and those trying to break into top management. The version for women business owners is wonderful!

I have provided this program in a variety of contexts – from 45-minute keynotes to extended hands-on work sessions. I’ve had several female executives self-fund private small-group workshops so that we can, in a confidential setting, actually problem-solve and do role-playing related to their specific challenges.  This is particularly useful in covering negotiation strategies.  It is also outstanding for retreats and leadership academies.  I highly recommend this program for almost any group.  Let’s see how it might fit your meeting objectives and needs.

The ABWA Crescent City Connections Express Network hosts 2 large signature annual events. This year, we were delighted to have Myra Corrello take the main stage for our 5th Annual “Women Can Drive Business Symposium”. Myra’s presentation, “Marketing ME: 7 Strategies to Get What You Want” was a perfect choice for this diverse audience of women. Myra was engaging, entertaining, informative, and inspiring. Myra’s highly interactive style was perfect for the large, expansive venue. She physically covered all parts of the audience and engaged them with humor and soul. She added a great energy to the event. Myra is a highly-respected professional who has built a loyal following of audience members as well as community leaders. She delivers what she promises and is a joy to work with. She will always go the extra mile for you.

Kelly Huben

Director of Operations & Human Resources, M S Benbow and Associates

 While the amateurs are preoccupied networking to each other, the pros are busy building real profitable business relationships.  Don’t be the “lounge lizard” of LinkedIn! Learn how to do it right. The key to success in sales, and all other business pursuits, is to be the resource person everyone wants and needs.  Learn where and how to make important connections (online and in-person), how to cultivate and maintain those relationships, and how to ultimately benefit from them.  Use this 5-step process to build a relationship portfolio that will advance and sustain your entire career or business. 

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This program is valuable to any professional at any level (especially anyone who plays a part in business development) – and is essential for small business owners.  It takes typical “how to network” programs to a much higher – and more targeted – level. If your participants are being encouraged to practice a more consultative form of selling – or your business owners cringe at the thought of getting “out there” and promoting their business (especially if they feel awkward self-promoting) – this program is a must. While a large portion of the program, if desired, can focus on how to use LinkedIn more effectively (as a professional OR as a business owner), we’ll also focus on the critical elements one needs to plan, create, and put in place in order to become a magnet for others to seek them out.

There are several outstanding worksheets and activities that can be incorporated (highly recommended) into this program so it can easily stretch anywhere from a 45-minute session to a day-long workshop.  To enhance the learning, pre- and post-session teleconferences are highly encouraged and pre-session “homework” can significantly jumpstart your participants’ ability to start applying new strategies while still in the session!  

We all speak publicly – but few do it well.  Boost your on-camera and in-person presentation skills and move to the front of the pack! In this session, you’ll not only gain great new techniques and strategies for audience engagement, compelling content, vivid visuals, and dynamic delivery but you’ll also learn how to capitalize on the speaking opportunity.  Learn how to prevent the most common mistakes presenters make that can destroy your presentation.  Does public speaking give you the jitters?  You’ll learn great tips to manage that, too! Don’t miss this chance to elevate one of your most valuable professional skills!

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Having taught presentation skills to hundreds of professionals and business owners over the last 30 years, I can assure you we can craft the right content, context, and learning outcomes to meet your needs.

Whether your focus is on helping your attendees build better virtual skills or in-person skills, we will craft a program that specifically targets your needs.

Ideally, a presentation skills program will not only enhance the knowledge for each participant but will also include some opportunity for practicing skill development. In addition, I place a strong focus on overall strategy for the presentation – helping participants think through all the “takeaways” that each of their various constituents may be seeking – along with what they want to personally accomplish as a result of the presentation. Strategy is the most critical – and least prepared for – part of any presentation. Every presentation is a strategic opportunity. Attendees will learn how to put together a winning “game plan” for any presentation.

Forget “balance!” Your ideal life is as unique as you are! In this session, we’ll assess each major dimension of your life and help you pinpoint the areas of greatest opportunities for your life enrichment. We’ll create your own work-life formula! We’ll explore the 6 forces that commonly drive us to seek new meaning in our life – and determine which ones motivate you.  You’ll also gain tips on how to manage your most precious resources (time, money, and energy) so you can add more precious things into your life.  Thanks to an unlimited array of technology tools there has never been a better time to gain the flexibility to get the most out of your life. Have you thought about all the possibilities? I’ll help you determine which tools can give you that critical support.  Now is the time to take back control of your life.  Let’s get you re-prioritized and reorganized so you can begin to work to live and not just live to work!

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I work with so many burned out, exhausted, overwhelmed professionals and entrepreneurs that they don’t even know how to begin to reclaim their life – much less how to determine what they really want to be doing at this stage and beyond. This program really validates each individual’s understanding of how their own values, priorities, and goals can change over time. And how to operationalize a plan to actually bring those changes to meaningful fruition. I have been managing a global/virtual support team for years to help me accomplish my goals. I share with them how I use these highly cost-effective skilled experts to help me manage the various parts of my business and my personal life.  It saves me time, money, and energy that I can devote to the things I love – and to do the things that matter. Participants invariably are uplifted, invigorated, and energized to see what options are really available to them. And they’re also reassured that it’s OK to take bold steps and change directions. 

Like the others, this program can be accomplished in many ways. It can be an inspiring keynote that poses the “why?” and then has a breakout session that allows attendees to then explore the “how”.   It is ideal for retreats, workshops, and more.

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